Featured Artist: Qupid

    Born in Washington, D.C., 22-year old Cabiness (a.k.a. Qupid) Braxton’s, talent as an artist showed at the young age of three when he began drawing cartoon characters and super heroes. Qupid’s art speaks to the heart of the viewers and creates a personal connection where they want to know more about how it was created and why. “The real artists are those who can go to the dark-side with a bright mind. The art lies in the canvas, waiting for the touch of my thoughts. It comes from how I am influenced when I first see the canvas and gives me a glimpse of what can be created.” says Qupid.

     Inspired by the realistic abstraction of Voka, controversial uproar of Delano Brown and the work ethic and freedom expression of Paper Frank and Miya Bailey, Qupid combines the philosophies of these artists to create his style of unique art. His work can be seen in homes in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Delaware as well as on footwear and t-shirts throughout the country. He is also thrilled to express his work in the form of tattooing. Models as far as Canada have been “inked” by Qupid with permanent body art to show off his work for life. “That means my love for the art will be forever,” says Qupid.

visit www.qupidsarrow.com for more information